Mysterious Circles

Who and Why?

Unanswered questions about Crop Circles

The mysterious crop circles presence is felt in many countries, ignoring religion, culture or economic level. Crop circles are drawing that have raised many questions about their origin. Most believe they are not drawn by man but by extraterrestrials that once visited Earth. Despite the controversy, none so far managed to prove what they believe to be the origin of the circles.

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Are Crop Circles just complex art, or do they actually hide a message?

It's been more than 30 years since modern circles have appeared, but the mystery of them still continues to amaze scientists and arise questions without answers. After two British pensioners claimed in 1991 they were the ones drawing these circles in crops, the world began to slowly forget this strange phenomenon. But some motivated scientists continued studying the circles, trying to recreate them by experimentation.

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How are animals affected by crop circles?

Rats (field mice, or vole) are often seen in corn fields as they represent a main contender to other pests, with their fast reproduction cycle and insatiable appetite. Corn fields represent their favourite crops since they mature and are harvested in autumn. It's been observed that rats living in crop circles corn fields should bleed to death after taking certain poisons, but that does not happen. Anticoagulants are known to block vitamin K, which thins the blood, but such pest control techniques don't seem to work on rats when used in corn fields.

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